Key Points:

  • Temporary – No nails or glue are needed for installation and use. Quick installation and removal, and no cleanup
  • Portable – No installation equipment needed. A crew of 2 can install an array in minutes
  • Durable – 3-5 year life under normal conditions. Suitable for use in rain and temperatures of 0 ̊ to 180 ̊ F and in speeds up to 80 mph

Features and Benefits:

  • RoadQuake 2F TPRS generates the same level of sound and vibration as milled strips
  • For posted speed limits up to 80 mph and temperatures from 0° to 180° F
  • 13″ W x 3/4″ H x 132″ L when unfolded. Covers an entire lane
  • Folds to a compact 66″ length. Weighs 110 lbs
  • Ergonomic handles make installation and storage easy. Non-slip textured surface helps to keep RoadQuake 2F TPRS in place
  • Bevels on both sides take the guesswork out of installation
  • New Breakaway Pin Connections are designed to separate only under significant stress due to an incident. Pins reduce possibility of damaged to strip
  • Section 6F.87 of the MUTCD, 2009 Edition allows for colors of white, black and orange. PSS manufactures RoadQuake TPRS in yellow for international customers