Work Area Protection by Hill & Smith Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality traffic cones for over 50 years. Our All
Orange Cones™ are used every day all over the world and are designed and manufactured to last for years using a one-piece, flowmolded polyvinyl chloride process. Anti-fade, high-visible, and high-quality traffic cones..

  • One-piece, flow-molded polyvinyl chloride
  • Anti-fade, fluorescent orange color
  • Permanent stenciling available
  • Broad base for stability
  • Heat resistance to 160°
  • Elongation: 200%
  • Tensile strength: 1200 psi minimum
  • Hardness: 80±5 conical, 75±5 base
  • Tear strength: 250 psi
  • Meet NCHRP350 requirements
  • Meet MUTCD and FHWA requirements